An Open Letter of Thanks and Celebration

You.  Caregiver.  Patient Advocate.  Hand-holder.  You are there around-the clock to care for and support your patients.  You check vitals, administer treatments, monitor symptoms, provide comfort.  You are there for your patients in their greatest time of need and you stand as a pillar of strength with them through thick and thin – because that’s who you are.  You are strong.  You are an oncology nurse.

But, you are also human.  You have feelings, weaknesses, hopes and dreams.  We see you.  We admire your strength, grace, and professionalism.  We thank you for being all that you are, and all that you need to be for each patient that you care for.

At Champion, we believe in customizing seating solutions that provide comfort and empower patients who are weakened and frail.  But let’s not forget about you.  You are the main reason for our celebration today, and every day.  We engineer products that create efficiencies for you, reduce bending, and are easy to clean so you can focus on what matters most.  You can learn more about those products here.

Again, thank you for being you, and for the care you give your patients every day.