Why It Matters

Stop and think about it. How essential is comfort during a typical four to six-hour treatment? How significant is comfort if that four-hour treatment takes place every other day? How important is a comfortable chair for one whose legs, ankles, and feet suffer from swelling, whose muscles and mind tire quickly, and who may feel nauseous and short of breath?

Resilient comfort matters to the patient.

When your career is to manage patient care, it matters to have the right equipment available. The right chair, carefully designed for a patient’s ease of entry and exit, for effortless transport and for the simplicity of cleaning, operation and service is important to caregivers who are mindful of their time and their purpose.

Durable function matters to a dedicated staff.

At Champion, we are 100 percent focused on comfort and function because those are the qualities that matter to patients and caregivers. From the beginning, we’ve combined customer input and patient and caregiver feedback along with our passion and experience to develop an entire family of Medical Recliners, Sleeper Chairs and Caregiver Seating.

Comfort and function matter to Champion. That’s why many of the best providers in the medical industry choose Champion: our focus matters.